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Why iAlbatros for Travel Agencies?

Bring the last born cost free technology to your customers.

iAlbatros helps Travel Agencies to bring more value to their customers and to acquire new ones.

iAlbatros offers Travel Agencies the benefits of reduced internal costs while providing a competitive edge at no investment cost.

It is becoming a best practice to book hotels online – Don’t stand aside and add value to your customers through a fast and cost free implementation pack

Increase Profitability

Cut your costs and enhance revenues: iAlbatros is a source of incremental revenues either through commission paid by hotels and/or service fee paid by the customers.

• Best fares – thanks to our wide network of partners and long-term cooperation with the hotels, fares in iAlbatros are among the most competitive on the market

• Streamline booking process and generate cost savings – Three in One: iAlbatros enables to optimize the booking process, cuts costs and saves resources at the same time.

Tools For Your Customers

iAlbatros provides Travel Agencies with state-of-the-art technology that brings value to their customers and generates new types of income.

• Deliver a Portal to your customers – iAlbatros provides Travel Agencies their own cost free branded Online Booking Portal that generates more orders without HR involvement.
• Reach more customers – It is becoming a best practice to book hotels online – iAlbatros allows you to keep your customers and to acquire valuable clients without technology investment.
• Increase your revenues – The Portal brings fast and new revenue


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