Major company listed on the Paris stock exchange chooses iAlbatros

GDF Suez has chosen iAlbatros for optimisation of the budget for business trips and hotels. This excellent news is a crowning achievement of the efforts and innovation of the French company, a subsidiary of SMT, a Polish group of IT services.

Not only is the iAlbatros portal a solution for fast hotel booking, but also, more importantly, a user friendly e-Procurement platform. “We need to give the power back to the clients and provide them with arguments in negotiations with suppliers, as well as a friendly tool attracting users with its efffectiveness, content and user-friendliness.” – states Moncef Khanfir, the president of iAlbatros, and recently, the vice-president of SMT.

iAlbatros fulfills the expectations of Eric Messager, responsible for business trips management in the GDF Suez group, since its offer is in line with goals of the GDF Suez group, which implements a system of purchasing optimisation named OFV (One for Value).

The group is much decentralised – its entities and units have a broad scope of activity and decision-making capabilities. The buyer of the new solution has to convince users to adopt it. The headquarters needs to make a certain effort to justify its choices. Therefore, the effectiveness and efficiency of proposed solutions is of paramount importance.

When creating the platform’s architecture and developing its operation principles and changes to it we had in mind the fundamental goal which is to motivate the user. “Our platform is designed having the user and their needs in mind” – points out Moncef Khanfir. The feature that convinced Eric Messager to promote iAlbatros system in his group was the ergonomics of the portal. It mainly stems from its transparency, which is highly valued by both buyers and users, as well as from an innovative and flexible approach based on data analysis transformed into “knowledge”, according to artificial intelligence techniques. The advantage of this solution is that in a corporate-oriented system it relates to behaviours of a wide spectrum of consumers used to surfing the web and online shopping in their daily life.

“Of course with every innovation comes risk. But giving up on the challenge and the choice of a generic hotel booking tool would hold us back. The success comes from the combination of technological skills, innovation and flexibility of a small French company having access to the funds of a major European technological group. Eric Messager gives the iAlbatros system an opportunity to materialise the first goal of partnership, which is to successfully manage the hotel expenses incurred by the group and their optimisation thanks to the services, prices and simplification of bookings. The strategy is based on gathering feedback from the group’s entities, for which the system is intended and involving them actively in implementing the project. iAlbatros takes into account the proposals and expectation of its users. Such a project management style creates an environment fostering success” – states Moncef Khanfir.

Eric Messager realises the difficulties of good management of travel expenses, facing most companies. He also knows his group well, as he also assumed other positions as an engineer. He used to be an internal auditor, and so he knows what needs dealing with and how to get out of a difficult situation and succeed. “Unsupervised expenses, lack of budget management, travellers complaining about prices higher than those offered to regular clients in widely available hotels, offers by hotels, in which it is impossible to make a booking” are problems well known to the majority of managers dealing with business trips and reservations.

A pilot programme was introduced in 15 entities in Europe and over the world (in France, Brazil and Thailand, for instance). It was the intuitive use that convinced GDF Suez group: “the system is as easy to use as a personal application. We believe it will enrich the offer of hotels for the group and offer even better prices, affordable even to leisure travellers if only they should want to use such an option”.

Eric Messager recognised the technological advantage of Albatros system. Its capabilities, including such functionalities as e-Bid for hotels or security system, as well as its potential, assuming its operation integrated with online booking tools, were a factor that decided in choosing its creator from among the GDF Suez group partners.

“We are proud to have been chosen by GDF Suez”. Our teams are ready to support the client during the implementation of proposed solutions. Together we want to reach the goal set and reduce hotel expenses quickly and easily” – says Moncef Khanfir.

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