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Tailored Hotel Program

Not just a catalogue of hotels, a custom built content!

With iAlbatros, you can count on a dedicated buyer that is at your disposal to get your hotel program implemented and controlled.

Thanks to iAlbatros mega-content switch, one can access over 250 000 hotels worldwide ranging from large hotel chains to local independent hotels. iAlbatros provides in-house technology, that accesses directly hotels’ inventories therefore iAlbatros can easily provide access to any hotel our customers wish to make a booking for. Both Corporates’ and iAlbatros’ negotiated fares are bookable in iAlbatros.

iAlbatros has access to over 250 000 hotels

but we bring more value with our dynamic focus on all the ends of your content challenges: negotiated hotels, top hotels and independent hotels.

Available fares, from 15% and up to 25%, are lower than market standard fares that are bookable in iAlbatros.

Universal payment gateway

Book and pay the way you like!

iAlbatros provides built-in support for all major payment gateways, including: lodge card, credit card, and virtual payment.

iAlbatros is a PCI DSS certified platform (fully configurable payment service provider), for business unit or traveller category. It also offers a reconciliation tool to match payments with invoices.

iAlbatros improves money flow from corporations to hotels and also combines a variety of settlement amenities to satisfy the full span of its customers’ needs.

Central billing sets good asset of iAlbatros platform. It settles the hotels on the behalf of its customers and directly invoices its customers on a monthly basis. iAlbatros settles the hotels using either bank transfer or e-card (Amex, Mastercard and Visa).

Credit card payment generates possibility for corporate traveller to can pay directly for services he received at the time of check-out of the hotel. The hotel invoices directly card holder this is by which iAlbatros isn’t involved in the billing process.

iAlbatros’s Universal Payment Gateway gathers on a unique applications all eBusiness and Travel industries can handle to settle payments:

(BTA, lodged account, 3D secure credit & debit cards, loyalty cards, mobile and e-wallets). Within a high secure process (PCI-DSS, TLS, 3D Secure), your company may choose the means of payment from various payment solutions and streamline their data reconciliation processes.

iAlbatros pays all providers on your behalf and ensures 100 % invoicing data reconciliation based on your own relevant criteria.

Spend consolidation and control

Leverage on your data and save more!

personalized KPIs

Navigate freely through your data, build your own reporting module with personalized KPIs, and get the keys to better management of your suppliers.


Our module is fully customizable regardless of business unit, and gives you a consolidated dashboard for global decisions.
All data is available online, or exportable to any business intelligence tool.

iAlbatros offers

Fiscal Invoice Dematerialization

Switch to EDI paperless invoicing
with iAlbatros


  • manage a large volume of invoices

    Our solution allows our clients to manage a large volume of invoices which can be sent through tax compliant e-invoicing.

  • return on investment

    The return on investment is instantaneous: quicker process with less data input, less staff, less printing, no archiving and no postage payment.

  • certified solutions

    Our solution is certified to create original documents and archive them in accordance with international regulations.”

  • invoice dematerialization

    iAlbatros is your partner for invoice dematerialization: simple dematerialization (pdf invoices with reliable audit trail), dematerialization (signed pdf invoices) and complete dematerialization with automated file transfer (using international standard).


Full integration with travel agencies

Merging our expertise to better serve your interests.

We have developed a dedicated white label tool for TMCs to enhance their hotel approach for Offline booking management. No more interrupted booking process for the TMC, and full reconciliation of their data for a better client satisfaction.

Full integration with SBT

Get our expertise through your SBT

In order to address some of our client’s need for a seamless and continuous booking process, we have developed very strong technical and business partnerships with the leading self booking tools: KDS, eTravel and Concur.

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24×7 Call Center

We understand your needs

Our success comes with the combination of a disruptive technology and an tailored service: our call center is operated by iAlbatros’ employees, and all of them are travel specialists.


Travel Assistants

Call Center is operated by iAlbatros’ employees who are travel specialists